Double Razor 60 caps (60 servings)


Double Razor is NOT just a fat burner! It is so much more. It has all the mechanisms of action as our original flagship product Razor! However the power, the strength and effectiveness exceeds any previous formula!

The new chapter in the bombing and destruction of fat starting in the first 10 minutes of the first capsule all the way through all stages of your fitness! An additional benefit of Double Razor is it suppresses your appetite so when you eat you’ll be sure to bring in the nutrients your body needs most instead of filling it with empty calories.Plus with Double Razor’s formula it targets those areas that are harder to lose fat from ( handles, back fat, stomach,  and upper thigh)  You will take on all obstacles(work, the gym, picking up the kids) with mental clarity, full of energy and an overall feeling of euphoria! Fat is not ready for this war. So grab your Double Razor and bring the fight to the fat!