Manage your weight

This is a sensitive subject to most people don’t like talking about their weight. They look in the mirror and see the extra weight, and they know deep down they don’t feel 100%. They may feel embarrassed to acknowledge that they may have a problem, or need help. Most people who try to tackle weight loss alone give up and make excuses of why they are okay with the extra weight. It takes a strong support group or trainer to help keep them on track and encourage their progress. The first step is being honest with yourself and have the mindset that this is for a healthier, happier you.

Don’t ask other people how you look, start by taking a good look at yourself and make life style changes. There are no overnight miracles, and trying this diet or that diet without commitment will lead to disappointment. Managing your weight is not easy by any means, it’s 90% being mentally and emotionally prepared for the lifestyle changes you will need to make.

Life’s conveniences and the “I want it now” way of thinking doesn’t work when it comes to managing your weight. If you are committed to weight management you have to eliminate EXCUSES from your reasoning. It seems so simple, but it is challenge to change old habits.

Here is a list of things to help you get started:

  1. Learn to love yourself
  2. Make your own food that way you know what is in it.
  3. Train yourself to do more, be more active, (it doesn’t have to be in the gym) Run with your kids or pets, walk or ride bikes instead of driving, take stairs instead of elevators, etc.
  4. Just do more than you do now