Lift More & Gain Size

The topic that I talk to people most about is this one right here “Lift More and Gain size, men and women are always wanting to build muscle.  This topic comes up more than weight loss and eating combine. 

Here is why for men it’s to look and feel better and helps boost confidence somewhat.

Women build because they want that nice butt, abs, sexy legs. It help build up self-confidence and gratification. I believe that 95% of these women care more about how other women see them, than how a man see them.Let’s discuss the meat of this topic.

The first thing to start is what you are eating, the increase of good food to put into your body is going to allow it to start the growth you want.

“This believe it or not is the hardest thing to do and the most critical to see the outcomes.”

Then come the weights so you can start your growth.

Start by doing 3 to 5 reps and 5 to 6 sets of your heaviest weight you can do, be sure to really rest in between sets.

Working your muscles with the heaviest you can go will help you grow as long as you eat right and get your rest.

Nothing to it; remember it’s all up to you, push yourselves to your limits, resting and eating the right nutrition will allow you to lift more and gain size.