Being Healthier

Being Healthier is a huge topic of debate, most people think that eating right and doing a few exercises is enough. I wanted to make this a big point because there are too many people out there thinking that being healthier is just eating right and doing some exercises and call that good.

Let’s get this straight that’s about 20% of it.

The Biggest part of been healthier is your way of thinking the lack of control of your own thoughts.

Now that you know this you will still fall short of your goals if you don’t change what runs around in that head of yours. Yes you can hit your goals but then back to how you were when you started if not worst.

I’ve heard this a dozen times:

I lost so much weight then gained it a back plus some then continues to complain that nothing works.

Have you said this? Or know someone who has said this?

Truth be told the problem is just you! I have put numerous diets and experiences to the test and they all worked.

Now go chew on that for a bit.