Aid in Recovery

Now this is a big one people miss and it’s something not to play around with. Not taking the appropriate time and steps to heal is where the damage begins. The joints, muscles, and tendons start to break down and deteriorate. Take the time to recover and take the supplements that are needed as well. Sometimes we feel as though eating is simply enough, but that is not true. Eating the right foods mixed with supplements and rest are all key players in a successful recovery. The one biggest thing I tell people is don’t be afraid to eat when it’s good for you, no need to over-do the eating but eat, your muscles need fuel during recovery.

Curb the ego! One thing people do is let their egos get in the way of what the body is telling them. I am not saying don’t push your body to the limit I am saying push hard but also listen to what your body is telling you to avoid long term injuries.